2018 Categories

Please see below for the 2018 award categories.
Our team awards are open to teams which are led by women or where the team is predominantly made up of women.

Professional of the year

This award recognises someone who has delivered an outstanding contribution in their organisation. Professionalism will be at the heart of their activity and they will live and breathe housing. We’re looking for someone who has demonstrated they are absolutely committed to the sector and who has played a crucial role in driving their organisation, and the housing agenda forward.

Young Achiever

This award recognises the contribution of someone under 30 who is making waves in the housing sector. We’re looking for someone who has quickly got to grips with the demands of the housing sector to make their mark in their organisation. The impact of their work on their organisation and the communities they work in will be clear, as will their passion and commitment to make a difference.

Board/committee member of the year

Board members and committee members can play a crucial role in driving an organisation forward. We’re looking for someone who has really embodied that role to have a big impact. Whatever their role this person has they will have demonstrated outstanding effort and performance. They will be passionate about the work the organisation they represent does and they will have made a very real difference.

Consultant of the year

The work of housing organisations is crucial, but so too is the work of the many consultants that support their work. This award recognises someone who works as a consultant and makes a crucial contribution in housing. They could work in construction, engineering, architecture, project managing, planning, marketing or any other discipline which directly supports the work of a housing organisation. A great relationship with the organisation they work with will sit at the heart of their success and they will be able to demonstrate real results.

Inclusion champion

We’re looking for a professional that has gone the extra mile to promote inclusion. They could have lead on gender inequality in their organisation or supported LGBT people in their communities. Whatever they’ve done they will be able to demonstrate concerted effort to put inclusion at the heart of their work and be able to show clear results

Finance professional of the year

In a difficult landscape financial professionals drive their organisation’s performance. This award recognises an outstanding finance professional at the top of their game, and inspiring and supporting other women to progress.

Social media influencer

In a fast-paced world, social media plays an important role in profiling the crucial work that housing organisations do as well as influencing and informing. This award will recognise someone who has mastered their own social media presence and demonstrated strategy, influence and impact when it comes to their organisation’s.

Employer of the year

This award will recognise an employer in the housing or construction sectors that has demonstrated a commitment to building a culture and environment in which women can thrive and prosper. This organisation will have excelled in putting inclusion at the heart of its work and be able to show it implemented a strategy and delivered clear results.

Marketing or communications team of the year

We’re looking for a team which has recognised the crucial importance of telling compelling stories about the work that they do in the right way, to the right people at the right time. They will be able to demonstrate creativity and real results which have driven the wider goals of the business. Teams of all types are eligible, from those marketing the sale of new homes to those running recruitment for tenant engagement campaigns. Judges will be particularly interested to hear about any work that specifically targeted women.

HR team of the year

A thriving HR function fosters a positive organisational culture and sits at the heart of performance. This award will recognise a team which is driving its organisation forward by supporting its people to be the best they can be. Judges will be particularly interested to hear about any initiatives that targeted or supported women.

Development & maintenance team of the year

The delivery of efficient, high-quality development and maintenance programmes is a core function for housing organisations. This award will recognise a team which has confounded difficult financial times to ensure these crucial functions have continued to thrive in their organisation.

Best Apprenticeship Scheme

This award recognises schemes that support women to develop and further their careers in housing and construction – from craft apprentices to trainees in a housing or related professional field. Judges will be interested to hear what you set out to achieve, how you targeted women, the experiences of the apprentices and the outcomes of the programme.

Improving the Lives of Women or Communities Award

This award recognises outstanding projects which have positively enhanced the lives of women or the wellbeing of communities. We are looking for projects led by an organisation, a team, a board or a community group. They will be able to demonstrate what the project set out to achieve, how it did this and the results it secured. Examples could include great design, estate regeneration or health and wellbeing projects.

Best supporting male

This award recognises the important role that male colleagues play in encouraging and embracing gender equality and diversity, role-modelling inclusivity, and supporting and enabling women to succeed. Women are asked to nominate a man who has supported or nurtured their talent to help them grow in their career, who has shown leadership to improve the lot of women in the sector, or whose approach to their work and to communicating the message of equality has been inspirational. Judges will be interested to hear about initiatives, projects or decisions that have encouraged and supported women.

Team of the year

From care teams to customer service teams and beyond – we know that you may have a team that does fantastic work which doesn’t sit in the categories above so this category recognises exactly that. We’re looking for a team which doesn’t sit in the areas recognised in our other team categories. Whatever they do they will have excelled and made a real difference in your organisation.

Woman of the year

This award will recognise someone who is an inspiration to others. They will be an outstanding ambassador for women in housing and excel in whatever they do. They could be a housing professional, a tenant or anyone else who has had a hugely positive impact. We are looking for someone who has demonstrated real leadership, a personal commitment to supporting other women in their personal and professional development and a willingness to speak truth to power.

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